About Esther Sun

the person behind the lens

A fine art wedding & lifestyle photographer based in Southern California

Esther captures the essence of love stories, creating timeless narratives through her lens.

Specializing in lifestyle & weddings, Esther is a fine art
photographer based in Southern California. She is recognized for her light-filled, soft, and romantic images.

Her mission is not to be simply a photographer, but to
capture her subjects’ purest and unadulterated emotions
through her craft.

Her work not only reflects the joy and intimacy of these cherished moments but also embodies the elegance and beauty of editorial photography.

Esther’s Style and approach

I believe in capturing genuine emotions and natural moments

It allows the true essence of each couple to shine through. Our team combines artistic vision with technical expertise, using lighting, composition, and color to create stunning and timeless images. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring that each photograph tells a unique story.