the artist




Specializing in lifestyle & weddings, Esther is a fine art photographer based in Southern California.
She is recognized for her light-filled, organic, and fine images.

Her mission is not to be simply a photographer, but to capture her subjects’ purest and unadulterated emotions through her craft.
Using her creative directing background, she shoots to tell their story in a journalistic approach, all the while managing to incorporate a classic elegance and timelessness.

Her inspiration stems from relations with those who love, as well as the beautiful natural aesthetic of the outdoors. As such, Esther’s style of work melds seamlessly with outdoor sessions and celebratory events.

Because of its authenticity and simplicity, Esther’s medium of choice for her fine art photography is film.

Having captured photo sessions bi-coastally from the sunny shores of Los Angeles, to the nippy chill of Central Park in NYC, Esther is willing and open to travel.